We are Just Cat Videos!

We love watching cat videos. We love watching them frolic and play. We delight in watching them smash into things or knock stuff over. We enjoy watching them attack each other and people’s faces, but we also love watching them be cute and cuddly. Cats are nature’s perfect spectacle! They’re both sweet and ferocious. Graceful yet clumsy. Smart yet, well, not so smart. Lets face it, a sane cat is like an insane human. While it’s not okay to laugh at crazy people, we get some guilt free chuckles from our furry friends.

Meet Squeeps

Squeeps, the Just Cat Videos mascot Squeeps is our own kitty, seen here right before knocking down half the dishes you see behind him. He forced us to agree to not (yet) flood the internet with videos of him embarrassing himself but that’s not going to stop us from making him our very own mascot. Our main purpose, other than sharing awesome cat videos, is providing his fancy feast and addiction to shiny things and valerian. If you haven’t given your cats valerian, you are missing out. Valerian root is like super catnip, but once you give it to them be sure not to keep it in a place they can reach. Also don’t let them know where you put it, they will try and reach it anyway. Some cats don’t pay any attention to it (much like catnip) but the ones that do will go absolutely insane over it.


So help us feed our starving Squeeps. Watch our awesome cat videos, share them with your friends, and come back and visit us whenever you need a fun break. We’ll always have new and more exciting cat videos for you to enjoy. Thanks for visiting, and we hope to see you again. When you’re done here, you should also check out some of our other Just Videos sites as well.