9 Reasons Black Cat Owners are Lucky!

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Here’s 9 reasons why we’re very lucky to be owned by a black cat!

Because of superstitious beliefs in some cultures, black cats are sometimes associated with bad luck and, sadly, are more likely to be put to sleep or wait a long time to be adopted from shelters. Black Cat Appreciation Day was launched to show people that a black cat could be the purrfect cat for them, and help raise awareness about black cats!

If you’ve been looking for a rescue cat yourself, purrlease consider a black cat? … Not only are the superstitions about them bringing bad luck completely untrue, but you might find a black cat to be a fantastic feline companion for you! 🙂

#AdoptDontShop #AdoptBlackCats #BlackCatsRule

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*Special thanks to all the “CAM” fans out there for sending us pics and videos of their black kitties, I did my best to fit as many as possible in the video and will keep the others for future use 😉

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