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November 2007 – Diana Blackburn. Funny cat video! This was my Feller cat when he was a little kitten. I called him Lil’ Feller. One day I saw his little kitty paws sticking out from under the mirror trying to attack me. It made a really funny looking kitty creature optical allusion.

I lived in Stockton, California with Jeannie (Anderson) Bartholomew at the time. Her laugh is hilarious. This was three months after Wyat Drewes died. My Feller cat was one of the things that kept me going through the grieving process. My lil Feller brought me joy and love and laughter.

Watch me skydive over San Diego, CA
Watch me go shark diving in Hawaii
Watch me river rafting on the Kern River
Watch me rappel down a waterfall in Utah
Watch me shoot tv with a shotgun
My name is Diana Blackburn (aka Daredevil Girl, aka Swoop Girl). This is my You Tube channel, Daredevil Girl. I’ve been very adventurous my entire life. In fact when I was a kid I wanted to be a stuntwoman. I’m pretty sure that ever since I was born I knew that I wanted to fly. I’ve had dreams of flying ever since I can remember. This has led me to a living a life of no fear, going on adventures and loving anything sports and extreme!

I upload many different kinds of videos to my channel every week. Many of these videos are from over ten years ago from my travels and road trips with my late fiancé Wyat Drewes. We gathered footage for our WyDi Productions video company. I met Wyat in 2001 when I was a beginner skydiver. In 2003 we got engaged when he proposed to me at the bottom of a 1,700 ft waterfall on Maui, Hawaii. Wyat died in a motorcycle accident August 10, 2007 in San Diego, California. I miss him terribly. He was my best friend and a kindred spirit. I loved him very much. I’m super grateful we filmed all of our adventurers together. Wyat lives on in my videos.

I have a variety of original content. Videos you will see on my channel are mostly of me and friends on adventures skydiving, speed flying, ground launching, paragliding, shark diving, snorkeling, base jumping, swooping, canopy piloting, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, speed riding, parkour, free running, getting tattoos, cliff diving, jumping off roofs, jumping off piers, zorbing, jumping off waterfalls, Hawaii travel, boxing, fighting, arm wrestling, knife wielding, shooting guns (shotgun is my favorite), punching bag, MMA, working out, doing push ups, doing hand stands, swimming, rock climbing, bouldering, rappelling, fishing, whitewater river rafting, hiking, camping, landscaping, zip lining, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), slam dancing and partying. I love to jump out of airplanes, but I REALLY love to jump out of helicopters!

I post a lot of cute and funny cat and kitten videos as well as videos of dogs, raccoons and other animals. Sometimes I post funny cute babies and kids. I also post videos of cooking, baking tips and survival tips. I post videos of my musician friends playing drums, guitars and bass. If life’s worth living then it’s worth recording!!!

So come and check out more of this female daredevil in action. I hope you enjoy the show! If you do, give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Thank you YouTube fans, friends and subscribers!

~ Diana Blackburn (Daredevil Girl)

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