Cats Do Swear Too – A Funny Adult Coloring Book (Funny Cats) (Volume 1)


Yes! Cats do swear too! As dainty and delicate as they are, they can sometimes be a real B*tch!

Are you having a bad day? Annoying people around you? But somehow, when you come home, your cat makes you smile and forget your frustrations of the day. This compilation of funny, nicely-designed and hand-drawn illustrations of cats is the ideal way to chill-out and calm the mind. Inside this 30 single-sided coloring illustrations are swear words you won’t normally say but would give you satisfaction when you are irritated or simply pissed off!

This is a perfect way to diffuse the steam off your system. So relax and switch off from the daily stress.

  • Descriptive illustrations of cats
  • Swear word captions
  • Designed to make it fun, relaxing and calm your nerves for hours
  • Each coloring page is on a separate sheet
  • Moderate to complex designs
  • A color test page

Included swear and “colorful” words in the book:

  • Pain in the A**
  • A**hole
  • Smelly P***y
  • B*tch
  • The C*nt
  • Small D*ck
  • Oh Sh*t
  • Stupid
  • Go to Hell
  • F*ck You
  • Shut the F*ck Up
  • Cunning Linguist
  • F*ck Off
  • Holy Crap
  • Full of Sh*t
  • Son of a B*tch
  • Loser
  • Wanker
  • Get lost
  • That’s Bullsh*t
  • S*ck it
  • D*ckface
  • The Motherf***er
  • Kiss My Big Fat A**
  • Go F**k Yourself
  • Lazy Ba*tard
  • D*ckhead
  • Farting Jerk
  • F*cking Nuts
  • You’re a Pr*ck

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