Lighting Strike Startles Cat || ViralHog

Occurred on June 5, 2017 / Jacksonville, Florida, USA

“Like my Native American ancestors, I feel connected to nature. One of my favorite events has always been thunderstorms. The beauty of the lightning sculptures and the calming cadences of thunder claps have always captured my heart. During the early moments of the storm, when the rain came down in sheets and the rumble of thunder was still a good distance away, I walked out onto my balcony to take it all in. Max, my kitty cat, cautiously joined me. The wind began to blow the lines of rain onto the balcony, so Max and I returned to the house. Most thunderstorms in Jacksonville, FL do not last very long so I went about my day thinking it would end soon. But when it didn’t, household chores had to stop and I had to once again enjoy the peace that only a thunderstorm can bring me. I opened the door and Max again decided to venture out, only not as far this time, only just past the door.”

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